What Father Wouldn’t Love New Barstools?

Dads these days are fortunate. It used to be that if Dad wanted to sneak away he had to go out of the garage, out to the cold woodshed, or be banished downstairs to a damp basement and putter around with his tools to have some alone time – some man time. These days, guys have man caves. Although they still may be in the basement, the garage or even a shed built outside… but they are undoubtedly finished inasmuch as they have insulation, floors, maybe a heater, and goodness knows… A bar. So when Dad’s special day rolls around, be it a birthday or Father’s Day, why not surprise him with a set of barstools for his extra special room?

According To The Experts-Dads

When Fathers were asked what their favorite Father’s Day gifts of all time were they had no problem coming up with dozens upon dozens. In order to save time and space however, here are just a handful:

  • Even though Dad loves to putter around in the yard, a landscaping service that takes care of it for him all summer would be a welcome respite for a change.
  • Tickets to his favorite sporting events be it football, baseball, rugby, cricket… What have you is always appreciated.
  • In a word – steak.
  • Gadgets and gizmos, no matter what they were designed to do, almost always guarantee a man’s attention – at least for a little while.
  • Books may be a rarity these days but as long as they are on manly topics such as grilling, golf, building things, etc. you probably have a hit on your hands.

What Does Your Father Really Want?

In addition to the above listed ideas, here are the top five that made the cut:

  • Something that is specifically personalized to him, such as the edition of a newspaper from the day he was born or something for his special room or office with his name emblazoned on it.
  • Anything and everything golf is bound to put a smile on his face.
  • Not a golfer? How about some fishing gear for the outdoorsman?
  • Booze – anything from beer to hard liquor to fine wine, unless of course, Dad is a teetotaler.

And of course, a brand-new grill or grilling tools will come in handy with the steak mentioned above.

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