Jewelry Gifts for Dad?

Do fathers like jewelry as gifts? It all depends on the man. Some men love their jewelry. Others could do without it forever. And then there are some that settle in on a couple of standard pieces and leave it at that. Which kind of man is your dad?

New Dads and Old Dads

New fathers are all happy and excited that they now have a brand new baby to dote over and to possibly carry on the family legacy. These guys love almost anything that has even the least bit of something to do with their newfound fatherhood. A father’s circle of life in gold or silver on a suede cord will go a long ways to not only make the man look sexy as all get out but be a proud statement that he’s a daddy now. A gold or silver masculine styled bracelet with a single birth stone (of his new baby boy or baby girl) can dress up a man going casual or out for the evening. A ring can also hold a birth stone with the addition of an engraved message, reputedly from the child, on the inside.

You Can Dress Him Up, But Can You Take Him Out?

Dressing up a guy can be as simple as a tie and getting rid of those awful sneakers. Then again, white sneakers with a dark suit are being seen more and more. A sad testament to men’s dress up fashions. Engraved tie clasps and cufflinks, and possibly even an engraved watch from the fine jewelry section, will take an average suit and make it look like a million bucks. What you engrave on these is your choice. A message from a wife, girlfriend, mother or child is nice. Some men prefer the monogrammed look.

Or you can let Dad choose his own gift by giving a gift certificate to his favorite place to shop for jewelry.

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