Get Dad a New E-Cigarette for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is quickly approaching and you may already be considering what you want to get your pop for his special day. You could always go with the old standby necktie but you know he will never wear it. You may want to get him a six-pack of beer, which you know he will enjoy but will be gone by the afternoon. If you want to get him something that he will appreciate and enjoy for longer than a few hours, plus can help him live longer, you may want to try giving him an e-cigarette.

Your Dad Is Awesome

Your dad has done all that he can to make sure you had all that you needed when you were growing up. He worked extra hours or even extra jobs, made sure that you were fed before he was, kept the lights on and the water running…This man has done so much for you and you likely want to give him something that shows him just how special he is to you. Giving him the gift of a longer life really can show how much you love him.

Gift Of Longer Life

If your dad is a smoker, you know he is living on borrowed time. Depending on how long he has been smoking, if he isn’t experiencing any of the ill effects of smoking yet, he will eventually. There really is no avoiding the impact that smoking has on your health. Cigarettes contain plenty of carcinogens right alongside that dose of nicotine and the best way to get the nicotine without the additives is by using an e-cigarette. An e-cigarette is loaded with an oil that only contains nicotine and the only byproduct is a harmless water vapor. Learn more by reading a Arizer Solo Vaporizer review. The best part is that it mimics smoking, so he doesn’t even have to break the habit.

An electronic cigarette can give you a few more years with your dad and he will be grateful for that. You aren’t asking him to stop smoking or break his habit, you are simply replacing it with a healthier alternative. Plus, it beats a necktie.

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