Dad Would Love A New TV For His Special Day

You don’t know how, but he did it again. Dear old Dad’s never been very graceful throughout his life, and more often than not he gets into accidents and breaks stuff. Well, this time around, the family TV was the victim of his ways. Walking past it earlier today, someone called out for him, and he turned to look behind him.

That’s when his arm clipped against the TV and sent it flying to the floor. Everyone winced as a loud crack echoed through the house. For a second, Dad stood there in disbelief, and then it was all he could do to hang his head in shame.

Because He Deserves It

Lucky for him, Father’s Day is coming up. Now, a cynic might think that he did all of this on purpose, but you know that’s not your Dad’s style. No, the truth is this is just another case of your Dad being a clumsy guy. Why not cut him some slack this year, and set him up with a brand new TV?

You’ve got plenty of choices, all of which can be had at incredible deals is you shop online. And, with shipping rates more reasonable than ever you can have it set up before he’s even out of bed that morning. The TV would make a great gift- maybe the best one he’s gotten in a few years now. And, while you’re at it, jailbreak a new Apple TV 3 so he can have access to any show he wants.

Make It One To Remember

Here’s the thing- knowing your Dad, there’s a good chance something could happen to this brand new TV, before the week is even up. To help protect against that, installing the bracket, and mounting the TV on the wall is a good first step. Wall mounted TV’s are less likely to receive any kind of permanent damage in the average household than those that just rest on a shelf or stand.

This is because when the TV is mounted on the wall, it’s out of reach from people walking past it. Also, even if someone were to brush against it, the bracket helps keep it in place. If you’re going to spend the cash on a new TV, and you know your Dad’s tendencies, maybe it’s best to go with the set up that’s going to guarantee the tv’s highest chances of survival. Go with the bracket.

Dad’s a klutz, but he’s your klutz. Sure, there’s the occasional broken lamp, dish, or tv, but he always means well, and he’s just about the most loving and caring guy you know. If any time was a good time to show him that you love him warts and all, it’s now. Pick up the tv, surprise him with it, and live up this coming Father’s Day.

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