Comfort and Fashion for Dad

Looking Good Hurts or No Pain, No Gain are ideas that we have long accepted and associated with the fashion industry. The idea that things that hurt us can benefit us by making us beautiful is nothing new—from too tightly laced corsets to dangerously high heels and starvation diets we are well acquainted with the idea that looking good comes at the expense of our daily comfort. At the very least, we are prepared to have to choose between beauty and comfort when we get dressed for the day.

Choose Comfort

The truth is, it doesn’t have to be that way. These days it is more and more possible to dress fashionably and still dress comfortably. Time and experience have shown us that not only do we not have to sacrifice comfort on the altar of fashion, but we also shouldn’t. A comfortable woman is a happier, healthier, and ultimately more beautiful woman. That is why your fashion choices should focus as much on what is comfortable and wearable for your body as they should on meeting trends and other fashionable requirements.

Finding Comfortable Fashion Choices

Choosing comfortably fashionable clothing isn’t as hard as it might seem. All you need to do is the dress and shop mindfully. Choose fabrics that are comfortable and pretty—like silk—instead of scratchy or unpleasant like polyester. Look for items with a bit of built-in stretch to help you move or else items that are designed to be free-flowing rather than tightly cinched. And of course, always choose your women’s and men’s shoes carefully, making sure that they fit as well as flatter and are comfortable to wear for walking and over the long term. If you put your comfort and your fashion sense to the forefront when choosing an outfit, you’ll be surprised at how good you look—and how much better you feel.

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