A Belt Buckle for Dad

Belt buckles are funny things. They can say an awful lot about the man wearing them; or they can be so understated as to go very nearly unnoticed. Surely we all remember Elvis Presley (or at least heard of him and seen pictures). This man gave belts (and many other things) a whole new meaning.

Business Attire

There are belt buckles made out of many designs and materials. Business attire usually calls for a leather belt with an understated buckle in silver or gold. Buckles can be made out of pewter as well. You can even have a belt buckle custom made, which depending on what shape you go with may or may not be acceptable in the business world. Personalized belt buckles for instance, with the wearer’s initials on them, are not only acceptable but rather classy.

Belt Buckles For Fun Or A Statement

Now for some real fun! Spiderman; a western theme; a beer drinking, arrogant monster-ish looking creature; tattoo drawings; Harley Davidson, bull riding, “Cocky” (as seen on the television show ‘Bones’) and so many more designs and concepts can go into the choice to buy belt buckles that they can say very nearly anything and everything about the guy wearing them.

‘World’s Best Dad’ might not be a half bad idea for your father or a first time daddy.

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