5 Tips To Help You With Your Pre-Workout Routine

Working out is highly recommended for not just sports figures but for your average Joe and Jane wanting to stay fit and healthy. A healthy body promotes longevity and a clear head. It boosts self-esteem and certainly can’t hurt when it comes to increased productivity at work and a better life in general. But as important as a workout is equally important is what you do to prepare for that exercise regime.

You Are What You Eat and Drink

Tip number 1: Foods and supplements are taken before your workout matter. There are many bodybuilding supplements in 2014 that can help increase energy, help muscles to heal and recover, and prove beneficial to the avid bodybuilder or fitness guru.

  • Glutamine (found naturally in the body) helps the body recover from stressed muscles.
  • Protein powders taken after, during, and before workouts are cost-effective and convenient.
  • Creatine helps to replenish your body’s natural energy compounds.
  • BCAA (BRANCH-CHAIN AMINO ACID) assists muscle recovery after workouts.
  • Whey protein, as in protein shakes, helps the body gain lean muscle through improved performance.
  • Beta-alanine, found in poultry and other protein-rich foods, again enhances performance and raises carnosine levels.
  • HMC’s (high molecular weight carbs); beta ecdysterone; carnitine; zinc, magnesium and aspartate in combination is referred to an ZMA; glutamine; nitric oxide boosters; carnosine/beta-alanine; BCAA (BRANCH-CHAIN AMINO ACID); creatine, casein protein powder and also whey protein powder also assist in making the most of your workouts and exercise regimes.

4 Additional Helpful Tips For Your Pre-Fitness Routine

1. Stretch both before and after exercising. Your muscles will thank you. Consider this a warm-up and a cooldown of sorts.

2. Use a mat or pad for any floor exercises. Your joints and bones will be happier with a little cushion between you and the hard floor.

3. Water – an essential part of any workout and life in general. Hydration is a key part of keeping your heart and body in perfect working order.

4. The right shoes and the right clothes will assure your comfort and support during your workout and help prevent sore muscles later. The act of dressing appropriately also helps you to mentally prepare.

Eating the right stuff before your workout is important. Ideally, between 60 and 90 minutes before you exercise is the correct time to do this. Don’t become so full that you will be uncomfortable of course and always check with your personal physician as to what to eat and what kinds of exercises are safe for you.

Check compatibility of your chosen supplements with prescription meds as well.

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